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Covellite Holistics offers a host of holistic resources—including massage therapy—to help clients manage the effects of pain and stress, so that they can live healthier, happier lives.



Design Strategy
The design strategy focused on the healing and energy properties of the mineral covellite, which is at the heart of Covellite Holistics' branding position.



Logo Mark
Hands are used to represent massage, of course, but also caring, compassion and connection. The illustrative style is not literal, so that the hands can be perceived as soft and nurturing; the conduit for releasing energy and providing renewal. However, the illustrative style is also solid, to show strength and seriousness. This is balanced with a soft golden glow, as well as a cast shadow under the hands that provides dimension and a feeling of lightness.





Spiral brush strokes are used to create a ‘ball of energy’ that is lifing out of­—and being released from—the hands. This figuratively illustrates the result of a Covellite Holistics massage and other therapeutic offerings.



Color Palette
The palette was chosen based on the core colors found naturally in covellite: indigo blue and gold.





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