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Phil and Georgia Clarke are a married couple with a passion for travel, photography, diving, and the sea. About to embark on a new adventure and startup business in St. Thomas, they came to us for help with a new logo and business card design. They had a small budget and a tight deadline.






Their existing business card incorporated a fish element that they rightly felt was not so much a logo but a graphic treatment, ghosted back to allow an overlay of contact information (as shown below). They felt–again rightly–that the current layout lacked personality and didn’t reflect the exciting, vibrant life they led, and in particular their new, multifacted business venture. First, they were marketing to tourists, where they would lead diving expeditions with underwater photography; second, to diving excursion businesses, where they would offer their photography and videography services; and finally, as artists they would market their photo prints to consumers through a local merchants channel.

They needed a new card that reflected the high-quality of their work. We suggested they do four separate lots of cards–at a smaller quantity each–to give them more opportunities to showcase the diversity of their work.




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