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Sloan Sales is a full service food broker with over 30 years experience serving the New England region. They represent food manufacturers to distributors in three areas: food service (restaurants), retail (supermarkets) and industrial (bulk products used in the manufacture of other products, such as walnuts in ice cream). Sloan had just built a state-of-the-art, in-house kitchen to be used primarily for product demonstrations and marketing functions. They were eager to update their logo and website to align with their vision for the future. Sloan’s goal was simple: to leverage their experience, while demonstrating that they were modern and progressive. This was particularly important in attracting new prospects and expanding their reach beyond New England.





  • Longevity/equity. The logo has been in use since 1978.

  • The logo uses clever, geometric shapes to create letter forms.

  • The logo is paired with the name of the company, so that there is an immediate connection between  the letter shapes and what they represent.


  • The logo is dated. The combination of color palette, bevels and shadows combine to create a heavy,  tired feel.

  • With geometric shapes, a little can say a lot. Repeating the ‘S’ and adding the lowercase ‘I’ creates a graphic that dominates the company name. A logo should work with, and complement, the name of the company. It should not overshadow it.

  • A logo should be simple and memorable. It doesn’t have to represent the legal entity. For example, it isn’t necessary for the logo to contain Inc. or Incorporated.




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