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Have you ever struggled with managing your marketing materials?

If so, you may have been struck by the Guesswork Gremlins.

Guesswork Gremlins are the little monsters that can wreak havoc on your marketing efforts; stealing your time, energy, money and productivity as you wonder where or when you ordered something, how many you ordered or how much you paid. Then there’s the matter of artwork—Arty is often the worst Guesswork Gremlin of them all!

Vanquish the Guesswork Gremlins with VIP Ordering!

VIP Ordering vanquishes these evildoers by organizing what you print with us in one convenient place. As a VIP Ordering member, you have an exclusive and free password protected web portal to place and organize your orders online. With your VIP Ordering web portal’s order history, you can also see everything you’ve printed with us, how many, at what price and even when it shipped. Products you’ve ordered but no longer use can easily be removed, allowing your web portal to change with your marketing needs.

See VIP Ordering in action! The best way to see the benefits of VIP Ordering is to watch our video!  VIP Info Video
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