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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if VIP Ordering is a good fit for my company?
A: VIP Ordering is a great fit for any company that does printing and marketing, but it is especially helpful with annunity items, like business cards. If your company has over 25 employees, VIP Ordering will streamline the process and put you in control of the typesetting and content.

Q: Why is VIP Ordering free?
A: VIP Ordering is a free service provided to clients of PrintGraphics. If you print with us, we are happy to provide you with a free VIP Ordering site, because we understand the challenges of print management, as well as marketing. After all, we’re marketers, too!

Q: We use various print vendors. Can we add materials that they print for us?
A: No. VIP Ordering is a service that manages anything your company prints with us. However, we welcome the opportunity to quote a project currently being printed elsewhere.

Q: Will my site look like the site shown in your video?
A: No. We will custom design your site, using your logo, color palette and any other design elements that define your brand.


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